One Fine Day – In The Garden

Today I gardened (is that a word?). I planted cucumbers, geraniums, cleome, verbena and lobelia. My nails were too long and I got soil all up inside them, but still it felt good to get my fingers dirty again. Gardening on a warm spring day makes my heart sing. The children laughed and played together. Tag, dodgeball and basketball… so many missiles threatening my dear newly planted babies… deep breaths, deep breaths… stay calm and garden on.

The garden itself is looking mighty fine, if I do say. Still some weeding to be done, but bursting with growth and green richness overflowing. And the wildflower area I planted last year is now flowering. There is much to do, of course, always more to do… and that is how it should be.

We spotted that slow-worm on the grass the other day. Though rarely seen, those I have seen generally slip out of sight as quick as the lizards they are, but this one stayed around for ages. I couldn’t help pausing from preparing the dinner to watch it explore the herb garden and glide along the back wall.

We’ve had other visitors too. A pair of blackbirds are nesting in the nearby hedge, and the female is a proper bossy little thing, but very sweet, and very brave. She hops up close to the house and will potter about for worms while I sit in the garden. I’m afraid I made her most irate while planting the courgettes. I was just a touch too near the nesting place for her liking.

What a shocking heat it was today, for May. The children even put the tents up. The weather forecast predicts a similarly glorious day tomorrow too. So all being well, we’ll be out in the garden again.

I have such a list of things I want to do, and I just can’t figure out which are most important. I mean, how do you choose between spending more time with your children, tending your garden, caring for the house, writing, drawing, painting, reading etc. etc. ? I think you probably get the pint. How do you choose?

If I pay attention to the moment and just follow wherever that takes me, I generally get pulled into whatever shouts loudest for my attention… usually the children or the housework. I’m just not sure this is the right/best way to live. Isn’t balance more important?

To plan or not to plan, or is it plant? I’m not even sure of the question…


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