Music ~ Free Resources and Online Courses

It has been proven in studies that listening to music or learning to play a musical instrument is very beneficial to the function of the brain. Not only can it lift your mood and have a calming effect, it can actually make you smarter.

If you want to learn a musical instrument, how to read music, or just widen your listening scope, the information you need is not far away. You will need to be motivated and determined, but there is no reason why you (or your children) cannot learn these things for yourself.

There is so much material on the internet, much of it free, so we already have an advantage over past self-taught musicians who include David Bowie, Neil Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix.

I’m going to curate some of my favourite resources here to share with you. I’ll add to it periodically as I discover something new.

Learn to Play the Piano

Music Theory

Music Listening/Appreciation

There is a lot of music of all kinds available on youtube. Find a new composer or artist you enjoy then listen to more of their work. Learn about their lives, historical period and style from library books and online searches. You can borrow CDs from local libraries too.

Then pick another artist with a similar style of from the same time and compare and contrast their work. Ask questions about why you like what you like. What don’t you like about it? Listen to individual instruments within pieces. Make notes.

Listen to buskers on the streets.  Look out for music festivals or events in your local area. Jam at home with your family using whatever you can rustle up that might do for an ‘instrument’. Look out for second-hand instruments and keep them lying about the house for an impromptu play whenever the mood takes you.

In a town near to where I live there is a large abbey/church where choirs and orchestras often go to practice. If you visit the church you can sit and listen for free. You don’t have to be religious or a churchgoer to enjoy them (I’m not), and the acoustics are incredible. Try your local area for something similar.

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