Simple Things

Oh, what a glorious Saturday it is. Days like this I wonder how I could ever possibly be in a bad mood!
Emily drew the ‘love’-ly picture above. A celebration of springtime colours inside and out.

Some simple things for which I am grateful this week:

  • It was heartwarming to see so many people who attended the funeral of my neighbour Ernie. He was elderly and had been ill for a long time, but was such a lovely gentle man. I remember years ago he would be outside of his house gardening or sweeping the path with his beloved dog Brandy, and when I walked past with the children he would always stop and ask how we all were, and we would chat awhile.  He will be sadly missed by many people.
  • I had a few pears in last week’s vegetable box which I’d not yet used. Pears are not my most favourite of fruits (something about the gritty texture – though I love the fragrance), but I didn’t want to waste them, so I tried this recipe for poached pears. I substituted the red wine for some of Josh’s homemade cherry wine.  The juices and orange zest along with the spices created a syrupy sauce that was a real zingy kick to the tastebuds. And it was so simple to prepare too. Definitely a keeper.
  • I watched the French film The Nun. It is based on a story by 18th century philosopher Denis Diderot and believed to be inspired by his sister who herself died as a nun in a convent, apparently from overwork. If you ever  cherished romantic fantasies about the monastic life (ok, that would be me), prepare to shed them after watching this. The lead actress Isabelle Huppert was simply mesmerising throughout, I’ve not watched such a good film in a long while. You can watch the trailer here.
  • I’ve been listening to this beautiful piece of music: Fantasy in F minor by Franz Schubert:

Well, I am not going to spend any longer on this post today there are far too many delightful activities calling me outside with the sunshine. I wish you a pleasant weekend and enjoyable May day holiday.


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