Simple Things

~ The art of being happy lies in knowing the value of simple things ~

We all have those days when it is difficult to find any reason to be cheerful (or at least a little less miserable!). Did you know that the simple act of being thankful increases the amount you have to be thankful for?

By paying attention to the little things on a regular basis – warm blankets, a sunset, a welcome cup of tea, a flower, a smile, an Internet connection, five minutes peace, food in the cupboards – makes you more aware of just how much you have to be grateful for.

And when you are feeling down, noticing these things can lift your spirits.

I recommend the practice of writing down in a notebook those simple things for which you are grateful. The more regularly I do this the more I notice things I wouldn’t have paid much attention to before.

Each week I will collect together some of my favourites and post them here on my blog.

I would love to read yours. You could either leave a few of your favourites in the comments or link to your blog post and I will come visit.

  • Collecting wood and lighting a fire in the garden with Jay
  • Baking fairy cakes and Easter nests with Emily. We used this recipe, but with shredded wheat and maple syrup replacements
  • Seedlings emerging – radish, lettuce, kale, spinach and beetroot
  • The fragrance of hyacinth permeating the whole house
  • The warmth of the sun on my face
  • Pigeons cooing in the sycamore tree
  • Practicing ball skills with Jay – he’s much better than me!
  • A drink and a natter with mum
  • The magical glow of a full spring moon
  • Surprise emails from Australia
  • Homemade leek and potato soup
  • The greens and browns of being outside, worms gliding through the heavy clay earth, tugging on weeds, soil under the fingernails.
  • Dancing in the kitchen
  • Goldfinches in the neighbour’s apple and pear trees
  • Ants busying over the paving stones
  • Bambu coffee substitute
  • Films: Breathe in & Mozart’s Sister


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