List of Gardening Jobs ~ March

I’m always forgetting what needs to be done in the garden at a certain time, so thought it would be helpful to have a list of some of the tasks that can be done each month. I say ‘can’ because there’s no way I’ll be able to do all of this list, I’m no green-fingered wonder woman – but at least it’s somewhere to start!

March is the month when spring arrives and there is increased activity in our garden –  buds emerging on the stems of the fruit bushes, birds nibbling on the peanuts and collecting material for their nests. Several yellow brimstone butterflies have been spotted flitting about the garden, their hibernation coming to an end. The days are lengthening and warming (though not today… brrrr!) and I want to spend more time out there too.

The extreme wet weather we’ve had over the past few months here in the UK means the ground is saturated in many places and not ideal for planting. However, I am lucky that our garden is quite sheltered and has good drainage. Jay and I planted the potatoes at the weekend and I will sow more seeds soon.

It is a good opportunity to spend time outside with the children. Whether that’s gardening or games or something else, it’s such a relief to have that extra space and fresh air once again.

Month: March 


  • Buy seeds and any other gardening supplies required
  • Sow: herbs, bedding plants, chillies, leeks, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, celery, salads, cucumber
  • Research and plan your gardening year


  • Hoe weeds while they are small to prevent them taking over later
  • Clear away winter leaves and debris, prepare and rake beds
  • Dig trenches for runner beans, fill with compostable kitchen waste, and cover with soil
  • Try not to compact soil too much if very wet
  • Prune roses – hard pruning encourages growth, cut stems back to a bud with sharp secateurs
  • Prune shrubs, including buddleia
  • Move/separate snowdrops
  • Cut back invasive plants
  • Plant comfrey for compost heap/mulching
  • Divide herbs
  • Plant fruit trees and bushes after soaking in water
  • Feed and mulch fruit trees and bushes
  • Dead-head spring flowers
  • Protect plants from slugs
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs
  • Top dress containers with fresh compost and repot if needed
  • If conditions favourable sow: peas, broad beans (press into soil 5 cm and cover), early carrot, beetroot and potato varieties, spinach.
  • Parsnips – deep dug bed, fine tilth, few stones as poss, push finger into soil 2 cm and tip in 3 seeds per hole, cover and firm, keep moist and weed-free. Parsnips are slow germinators and may take a month, after which thin to strongest seedling.
  • Onions – Prepare bed with manure/leaf-mould. Tread and firm soil. Push into soil at 10 cm intervals so tip is just above surface. Press back any that get lifted by frost.
  • Radish – every 10 days plant a short line at 4 cm intervals to ensure a steady supply. Brush soil over.
  • Cover seedlings if signs of severe weather

  • Remove weeds
  • First mowing of lawn when weather is mild and the grass is dry. Scatter worm casts first, keep the blades high and collect clippings
  • Feed lawn in late March if necessary
  • Improve lawn drainage by spiking
  • Re-cut edges
  • Scarify to remove moss and debris
A helpful year-long gardening planner is available at the BBC website where you can click on any day of the year for more gardening tips and tasks.
Happy Gardening! x

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