Simple Things

When you are grateful for the simple things you have, you find there is more to be grateful for.

Here are some simple things for which I am thankful this week…

  • First signs of spring in the garden – the crocuses (croci?) in the above picture
New sproutings of chives

The chard is still going strong…
A flowering anemone…

Emily’s enthusiasm for cooking this week – she has made chard and feta tart, pasta, vegetarian chilli con queso, bolognese and a delicious chocolate cake

– Mild temperatures (for this time of year)
– Discovery at the library of a book of Sylvia Plath’s drawings
– Lighter mornings and evenings

– First day of the year to hang the laundry outside
– Listening to Jay laughing at Peter Sellers in the film A Shot in The Dark
– Robins and great tits on the bird feeders
– A tiny wren hopping about the garden
– A great discussion with Jay about climate change

– Listening to the soundtrack of the film Winter Passing
A break in the internet connection – Oh my goodness, we all had to find something else to do!
– How much quieter it is in the house since the new windows were put in; no sound of traffic at all
– Watching the BBC series of Gormenghast on Dvd. Not as rich an experience as reading the book, but interesting nevertheless
– Snowdrops enjoying their last few weeks of the year…

    What are you thankful for today?

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