Grow Your Own Potatoes

Good Morning 🙂 The sky is blue and the sun is actually shining here, a welcome change from the endless grey… time to get thinking about this year’s planting maybe?
The above picture is some of last year’s (V. Tasty) crop of potatoes, which we grew from our kit from the UK potato council. 
If you are home educating and haven’t registered yet, you might want to have a look at the website: Grow Your Own Potatoes. Once registered they will send you your own kit, so you and your children can get growing. It’s all completely free of charge – and open to homeschoolers – just put ‘homeschool’ as the name of your school when filling in the form.
Our kit for this year arrived a couple of days ago:
The kit contains:
  • A clever box which transforms into a chitting tray for starting off your seed potatoes on the windowsill.
  • 4 Rocket seed potatoes
  • 3 Regional variety potatoes (so you can compare varieties)
  • 2 Hado bags for growing them on outside
  • Labels to identify your varieties
  • 2 Sheets of stickers
  • An Information leaflet with instructions, facts, activities, experiments and projects to try.

Jay had great fun last summer rummaging around in the soil for those muddy treasures… and to take part in the whole process from seed to plate is a valuable thing for us all. Don’t you think? You don’t even need a garden as the bags themselves don’t take up much room.

The website also has resources, a photo gallery, competitions for the heaviest crop and links to lots of other useful related websites.

The instructions state to begin chitting by the end of February, so if you’d like to take part I’d recommend you register for your kit soon.


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