Hidden Treasures

In just one long meander through around our village lanes and paths there are so many discoveries to be made if we take the time to slow and see. Like this mint leaf beetle. 
Fruit of the hedgerows.
An overgrown pond with wildlife hidden in the grasses, protected by old stone walls.

A shock of pink rose.

Crumbling barns and a window that once was.

Tiny bridges that cross streams…

…and lead to fields as far as the eye can see. Fields filled with hay bales that catch ribbons of gold from the evening sun.

Shaded byways and lanes that feel cool beneath a canopy of branches and vines…
…where lost hearts can be found.
A sandbag dam holds back vegetation so that a bare trickle of water can find its way.

Moss covered mushrooms…

and thatched cottages.

This stunning horse came to make our acquaintance.

Lords and Ladies nestling in the undergrowth.

And even our village peacock. This beautiful bird belongs to no one – there are various tales of how he came to live here. He wanders from garden to garden stealing prized plants (much to the chagrin of some residents), and devouring scraps that villagers leave out for him. 
A rather incongruous sight he makes in the cow fields or wandering around the gardens of the village pub.

What hidden treasures are there to be discovered on your doorstep today?
Take care

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