In the Garden

I love sunflowers. From tight bud to bright bold face ~ I cannot help but smile when I see them.
Of the several seeds I planted, only a few survived the slug onslaught to grace us with their presence. 
There is always so much to do in a garden if it is not to be overrun with growth and misplaced plants (weeds). Every day I learn more about the ways of plants and insects and birds and how they all work together.
It takes years of paying attention and working with it before you start to understand it. And I feel these days like I am understanding better. 
Instead of engaging in combat with the garden I am able to appreciate it ~ even when it is not all I hope it could be (which it never is).
Flying ant day is always a wonder. We take part in the annual flying ant day survey for the Society of Biology and sent off our sample for research.

Anemones are flowering well.

I have been making feverfew tea.
The sweet peas smell – well, sweet. Just right for picking and bringing into the house.

Emily and I spotted this magpie moth nestled in the hedge. It was a little camera shy.

The hydrangeas are just coming in to flower.

And, we have four apples ripening on our apple tree. This is the first time it has flowered and fruited since I planted it a couple of years ago. Can’t wait to taste our very own first apples.

The sedum, which is dotted throughout the garden and always looks great whatever the season, is just turning from green to pink. 

The delicate umbels of the fennel plants are flowering pale yellow.

A thousand bees and butterflies come to taste the Buddleia. 

Honeysuckle berries

And daisies.

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