A Trip to Bath

Jay and I took a trip to Bath on the train.

Jay took hundreds of photographs as usual 🙂

We talked about the architecture.

And the history – This retro toy shop had some old gems in it. Jay found it difficult to believe these kinds of simple toys were all children played with in ‘the olden days’.

The Empire Hotel and its unusual roof frontage.

It was a gorgeous day to enjoy a walk along the river.
Pulteney Bridge

A lovely picture of the Abbey in the distance – look at that blue sky!
A boat appeared to be stuck by the waterfalls

We discovered an amazing mosaic shop on pulteney bridge
There were some lovely examples of mosaics with some for sale.
The river Avon was visible through a tiny round window in the basement of the shop.

Tiles of every colour you can imagine were available for sale as well as bags of mixed ones. Jay would like to go back there and buy some another day.

There was even an area where you could try your hand at cutting the tiles with a special tool yourself.

A flower shop on pulteney bridge.
And an old coin shop. There were ancient Roman coins here – some were selling for over a hundred pounds. 

A walking maze

Another great photograph taken by Jay.

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