Couple on the shore ~ Edvard Munch

Couple on the shore – after Edvard Munch in acrylic paint on paper

One of my favourite paintings by Munch. You can see the original here.
It has a certain dreamy quality and sad too. 
Sadness at parting? A journey to come?
 I don’t know, but I like the closeness of the couple, the obvious love. 
I like the swirling indistinct colours and the undefined edges.
It is hard to see clearly when you are overwhelmed with sadness isn’t it? Nothing else seems real.
I enjoyed painting my version of it. I painted on unprimed paper so the paint would seep straight into the paper and almost disappeared. I had to paint a lot of layers of colour but I think the matt effect adds to the dreamy atmosphere.

The shore is perhaps a metaphor for separation. The edge between the shore and the ocean, the known and the unknown, what is solid and here and what is yet to be discovered. It feels like we are intruding on a private moment, an emotional one. The couple seem to be facing away from the ocean. Are they reluctant to part? Or perhaps they are saying goodbye to a part of themselves – their youth perhaps, or their past.

Or perhaps they have been on a journey and are relieved to at last find solid ground and hope for the future. I am sure there is a glimpse of sun hiding behind that branch of tree.
After Munch in coloured pencil

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