Spring’s Hope Eternal

Sketchbook Greens – Mixing watercolours

Another spring is bursting forth with life.
One day it’s cold and bleak and we bemoan the lengthy winter. The next my world is bathed in sunlight and it’s almost like winter never was. What previously appeared to be dead or dormant on closer view is proven to be kindling with life.
This emerging green and bud sings of new beginnings and of hope. Every year I am lifted by it; seduced by the lilting motion, the sway of life. I feel my mood change as surely as the seasons, as surely as the moon waxes and wanes and I wonder how much we really have control of anything at all?
The fern’s dense spirals whisper of summer’s promise. Clusters of leaves on the apple trees – bound tight  – begin unfurling. I see this and it seeps unconscious into my mind and I hope. Always hope – this year will be better. This year will end the struggle. This year I will MAKE it work. 
But, I can’t make anything work. Not anything at all. I can only accept, bow in tune with the seasons, receiving, with all the grace I can muster, whatever may come.

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