Spring in the Garden

It was lovely to spend some more time in the garden today. The primroses are flowering well.

And the spotted lungwort is a riot of pink and purple flowers and spotted leaves. Strange name for a plant ‘lungwort’. Apparently it was used in ancient times in herbal medicine as a treatment for ailments of the lungs and respiratory system – on account of the spotted leaves resembling lungs themselves. You can drink the leaves as a herbal tea that does have health benefits according to mountainroseherbs.com and botanical.com. I haven’t tasted it myself – the leaves are slightly prickly and don’t appeal to me.

The cherry tree is budding and the blackcurrant bushes are coming into leaf.

The potatoes are planted outside now. (Must remember not to wear skirt for gardening in gale force winds – lesson learned!) Inside, I’ve planted sunflower and morning glory seeds to sprout on the windowsill, all being well. 

Walking through the village it is lovely to see the signs of spring everywhere, not least the greater number of people walking in the village. The commons are scattered with celandines; I found a few patches of tiny white violets; more cherry blossom is blooming; and the birds in their pairs everywhere are twitterpating.


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