Itching to Garden

Morning Glory in Acrylic 

I can’t wait to get outside and garden. I am determined to put extra effort into keeping up with it all this year. Usually I start off promisingly in the spring, then get disheartened when slugs or some other menace rampages through everything I’ve planted leaving weedy tendrils and slime over what ought to be lush and productive. Also, I do not have an outside tap or a kitchen tap that can accommodate a hosepipe, so when summer dry spells go on a bit, my efforts with a watering can are never enough. Still, like I said, I am determined to try harder this year… time will tell.

As usual I have gone a little overboard with the seed buying – I can’t resist the pictures on the little paper packets – and yes, I buy into that hope that I will have the success that is shown in the photo’s on the front of the packet. This seldom is the actual outcome. But I have had some success in the past. Gardening is a good teacher in that respect. Sometimes no matter how well you think you’ve cared for something, it just doesn’t work out the way you planned. And, some years I get it right and the flowers are prolific and the tomatoes red and juicy; other years I do nothing differently, yet all is dead and diseased. Consequently, I propose to give up gardening altogether there and then. This thought never lasts longer than the time it takes for spring to come around again. 
I have recovered my gardening basket from the shed. I keep it by the back door with seed packets, trowel, fork, secateurs, twine, gloves and egg cartons (for seed planting) in. If I keep it near to hand I am more likely to spend a few minutes here and there. Plus, I get to feel very ‘Jane Austen’ setting out with my basket over my arm to collect sweet peas, mint sprigs or prune the roses. And that can’t be a bad thing 😉

So far in my basket, I have sweet-pea seeds, sunflowers, morning glory, kale, lettuce, chard, spinach, radish, beetroot, potatoes and green beans. I usually stick to those vegetables because they get eaten (by us, not the slugs… mostly) and they seem to be fairly reliable. I’ve failed miserably with carrots and onions every time I’ve tried. And they are so cheap to buy it hardly seems worth the effort, though I would grow them if I could rely on at least some good results.

The morning glory painting above was painted with the assistance of Lexi Sundell’s ‘The Acrylic Flower Painter’s A to Z ‘. A wish sent out that maybe the real thing might flower in my garden this year. Pretty please.

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