Simple Things

I have much to be grateful for, sometimes I forget that. Here are some of the simple things that have made me smile and that I am thankful for…
  • Mother and daughter morning out – wandering, browsing, stopping for a drink.
  • A book sale. Books for Emily and a couple for me: one on American Folk Art and another on spirituality.
  • Easter eggs with children’s names iced on to them, just like my grandmother used to buy every Easter for my brother and I.
  • Yet more freezing weather – making the most of an extended hibernation. Electric fires, cups of tea, blankets, watching the snow fall, an occasional glimpse of the sun, planning future garden projects.
  • The sale of two paintings – on their way to America.
  • Vases of fresh daffodils in the house.
  • A windowsill of edible greens:

  • Embroidery with Emily: she made these two cushions:

  • Making homemade fudge.
  • Planting sweet pea seeds indoors.
  • Scouring recipe books from the library.
  • List making.
  • Evenings sitting on the floor with watercolours, paper, ink, brushes, books and music.
  • Ginger and lemon tea to soothe a cold.
  • Coloured tissue paper.
  • Watching blue tits from the kitchen window as they visit the feeder in the garden.
  • Gifts: plants for mother’s day, easter eggs from a neighbour.
  • Jay laughing and chatting as he connects with his friends playing video games.
  • Buds on the cherry tree, emerging blossom throughout the village.
  • Newborn lambs in the field, wobbly, shivering and bleating.
  • Emily spending half her time upside down in a shoulder stand, practising gymnastics.

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