Choosing Peace

Each day I make choices. 
Sometimes I know that there is a high possibility that my choices will not result in a positive outcome for me or others. Choices made as a result of unhelpful habits or hungry curiosity. Deep down I know that making these choices is not helpful and that I DO have the power to make alternatives. For example:

  • To not watch/read/listen to the news.
  • To not participate in gossip or use disrespectful speech or action.
  • To not scan, thoughtlessly, for the easiest most titillating way to spend my time.
  • To not think or act as though what ‘I’ am saying or doing is more important than what my children or others are saying or doing.
  • To not view situations of the past or present resentfully, when they can be viewed from an entirely different more positive perspective.
  • To not seek out people, writings and situations that will be hurtful and damaging to me.
This does not mean I never put myself in uncomfortable situations, because I really do know the difference between uncomfortable situations that have the potential to enhance growth, and those that are akin to sipping minuscule amounts of poison.
I have hurt myself – twice – in the last two days. Spent time crying because of my own choices. I freely chose to read two articles – knowing beforehand that they would be painful to read and damaging to my mental peace. One was about the current events in India and the other was more personal. It did me no good at all to read them. We know that terrible things happen often in far off places – be it in distance or in time… my heart aches over it.
It is not selfish to concern myself only with those things which are directly relevant to my own life and the lives of those I come into actual contact with.
‘Tend my own garden’ – so to speak.
Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all did this? 
Cultivating peace – in my own mind and in the lives of those people around me as much as I can – there is nothing more worthwhile than that. Reading about horrifying events hundreds of miles away or ruminating on past hurts, shames and regrets is not conducive to cultivating peace.
Peaceful thoughts create a peaceful atmosphere which radiates outwards – infinitely. Affecting, if only in a small way, everything in its path.

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