Simple Things

~ The fragrance of evergreens snipped from the garden and winding wire to make our Christmas wreath.
~ The smiles of children excited for Christmas.
~ Tidying and cleaning with Jay. 
~ The ease with which conflict blows over these days.
~  Learning to race an Aston Martin through the rain-soaked streets on Need for Speed’ with Jay.
~ Emily coming home with her face painted with holly after the Christmas party.
~ Emily reading to me from The Macmillan Book of Christmas, – singing carols together. Talking about old language words like thee, thy, thou, oft and abide.
~ Slowly learning how to crochet – finally. Thank goodness for youtube videos 🙂
~ Clearing the last of the Autumn debris from the garden. The grass is waterlogged. There are leaves and sopping perennials dying back, dried old hydrangea flower-heads fading and tangling with soggy trails of sweet pea vines. It was raining a little, but it felt good to be out in the garden if only for a little while. I forget how much I feel better after spending time in the garden.
~ Baking mince pies with Jay, and making peppermint bark.
~ Emily singing along to the pantomime songs of Aladdin at the Wyvern theatre – we boo-ed and cheered and had a great time. The faces of the little ones dancing in the aisles. It is all real magic to them, to see their eyes light up is heartwarming to see.
~ A delivery of Christmas fruit and vegetable from Abel & Cole You have no idea how excited I get over fresh organic cabbage, sprouts, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, sprigs of rosemary, thyme and parsley, lemons and clementines – with their leaves still attached 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful, heartfelt Christmas filled with love.

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