Winter Walks and Caroling

Well, the world is supposedly going to end tomorrow so one ‘ought’ to make the most of this last day… spending the time Christmas shopping is probably not the best use of my time 😉
It is early here, still dark. I can hear the rain outside and I have a cup of chamomile tea by my side. The sound of the rain is calming but I much prefer the icy days of last week that coated the world in white.

These are some pictures of our village beneath a dull grey sky. 
The sheep in their winter wool grazing in a distant field. A field which in springtime will be awash with buttercups.

The lake through the birch trees is starting to ice over.

A moment of quiet in Plough Lane

Icy thorns on the brambles

This red-leaved bush looked so pretty edged in white. I remember when Emily was small she loved to slide the ice off plants with her fingers and eat it.

On Monday evening we walked to the carol service at the church – along dark and lonely lanes with our torches. We saw the christmas lights twinkling in windows and gardens and the big christmas tree on the common. Emily beautifully read part of the Christmas story in front of a packed church, and we sang ‘Once in royal David’s city’, ‘Silent night’ (in English, French and German), ‘Away in a manger’ and a ‘calypso carol ‘.

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