River Reflections

Jay and I walked along the river today. The Avon runs through the centre of the nearby market town of Chippenham. Looked at from the right angles (avoiding the views of shops, cars and offices) it is a beautiful place.
In the distance is the steeple of St Andrews church, currently surrounded by scaffolding undergoing a renovation. It is the oldest church in Chippenham – a small part remains from the twelfth century church that was on the site.

… a view across Monkton Park

and the river Avon…
… watching dragonflies skit about the surface. Moorhens, ducks and swans. A tiny wren chirruping and darting between the river wildflowers.
I watched the leaves that had dropped from the overhanging trees sail slowly past us. When a gust of wind sent the water in the opposite direction they appeared to stay still, but it was not long before the current took them back on their way.

… a little like our lives perhaps. Difficulties can seem to stop us in our tracks even make it appear as though we are moving backwards but it is never long before the current sails us inexorably onwards once again.

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