Knitting Socks and Harvesting Beans

As the days continue to get shorter and chillier and the nights longer we tend to spend more time indoors. I have discovered the art of sock knitting. Something which for many years had seemed altogether too difficult and a little pointless to even attempt. You need circular or double pointed needles to knit in a seamless round and the finished socks are far more expensive and time consuming than a pair of supermarket or high street pair that cost just a couple of pounds. 
… the feel of a pair of handmade socks on your feet however, is something a little bit special and worth the effort. I am hooked. Hand knitted socks for everyone at Christmas? Well, it takes me about a month to knit a pair so maybe Christmas 2013.

I am halfway through the second of my first pair. Knitted in Opal Memory sock yarn, on 2.5mm bamboo needles.

Autumn’s a lovely month, isn’t it? The colours of leaves are beginning to change and, in the case of my cherry tree, even fall. Those lines from Keat’s poem “Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness” couldn’t be more apt. Blackberries and sloe berries ripening all about us, hazelnuts littering the paths and squirrels nipping up and down trees and along boughs to collect them.
The runner beans are ready for picking and eating and taste delicious.

There’s nothing like picking and eating your own produce on the very same day. A shame that little else grew in the garden this year. The soil needs testing and adjusting I think, which is unfortunately beyond my budget. I will just compost and manure and hope for a better growing season next year.

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