A Hint of Autumn

Can you sense it?
The slight drop in temperature…
A solitary leaf yellowing, while on a nearby tree several are caught up in a gust of wind and flutter to the ground. 

Blackberries, once tight balls of green are ripening pink and juicy black… 

Brambles that are several metres long now reach far across pathways catching on clothes and prickling skin. In trying to avoid them, you miss the overgrown nettles brushing bare ankles with their cruel sting.

Bindweed and ferns…

Flourishing hedgerows…

Air permeated with a hint of burning branches and manure clad fields. 
Tree-tops and roof-tops tangled with climbing roses.
Lords and Ladies hiding in the undergrowth.
A distant lake shimmers in the dappled light, branches cast shadows on the bright bark of the silver birch.

Ivy-leaved toadflax… can you see its tiny ivy shaped leaves interspersed with the common ivy?

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