Not so lazy summer days

After all that rain, a whole bright shiny week of summer sun brought smiles all round. We went swimming, picnicked in the park, played cricket and badminton. Jay and Emily have been out on their bikes a whole lot, having fun with their walkie talkies, chalk drawing on the paving stones, rushing through the house – doors slamming behind them in the  draft, splashing in the paddling pool and running under the sprinkler (attachment on hosepipe). Emily endlessly singing Selena Gomez songs at the top of her voice.

We cleared out the shed discovered old toys and disturbed this slow-worm. I didn’t know that they can live over thirty years! They are a protected species in the UK, I haven’t seen a live slow-worm since I was a child myself, though I have sometimes seen its shedded skin. It kept trying to burrow its head down the tiny cracks between the stones – not getting anywhere so I scooped it up gently with a dustpan and brush and set it on the garden where it dived instantly down into the soil.

The garden is alive, if somewhat wild, with colour (and weeds). The buddleia is blooming, bees a buzzing and the bindweed is trying to strangle everything.

I discovered this wee oak sapling growing around the darkest side of the garden. I have cleared a patch of ground around it and sprinkled a mixture of wildflower seeds. Some from a packet and some collected around and about the village. A neighbour gave me some seeds from her giant lilac coloured poppies that I admired earlier in the year. Aren’t the seed pods pretty?…

 Emily has been making felt birds, cards, a very clever mermaids purse out of tissue paper, which I wish I had photographed. I am knitting a new shawl and sewing the christmas tree decorations I started before last christmas… hmmm…. maybe I’ll finish them for this year… maybe.

We have been cooking together – banana smoothies, muesli bars, scrambled egg sandwiches, french toast with berries. Raspberry muffins made with some of a huge bowl of raspberries my next door neighbour gave to me. They are my favourite fruit so it was a lovely surprise.

One day, one day I will get a better camera. 

… Ah, the night-scented stocks.

… not sure what those plants are, a type of variegated hosta perhaps?
… Montbretia

The green beans are flowering – hurrah! At least something is growing in the vegetable patch, they seem to be thriving despite the slugs that have eaten the bottommost leaves. 
I harvested a large bowl full of garlic today which I am going to preserve in vinegar. The smell of garlic in the house is a little too overpowering at the moment…  so vampires better beware!

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