Wild Orchids and Blackberries

These are the wild orchids growing on the common ground of Langley hill. Several patches of them dotted about, though barely visible in the tall grasses.

Such a peculiar summer we’re having, raining almost constantly all day long. We sit under the parasol and listen to it pitter patter on the fabric. It’s like being in a tent, a pleasant comforting sound.

The countryside is so richly green and overflowing with life. Nettles and docks as high as my shoulders. Hedgerows thick with cleavers wrestling with brambles, and the brambles winning of course. The fruit is already beginning to form in places. This year will be a marvellous year for blackberry jam, I think. We have only one jar left of the batch I made two autumns ago, so it will soon be time for us to go picking once again. Maybe some blackberry cordial, and blackberry muffins too. And of course I must freeze some for winter warming apple and blackberry crumbles.

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