Life is often clear and confusing at the same time.
A blue butterfly, two woodpeckers stripping the bark of a distant tree, watching them from the window as though that is the only thing I can be doing right now.
Meanwhile, bills pile up, the oven stops working, the rain falls relentlessly, the washing machine finishes its spin cycle and birdsong provides the soundtrack of a life.
I cut my finger with a knife, twice, while slicing lemons. The sharp yellow sting of it.
We walk, dodging puddles and huddling beneath umbrellas as the rain gets heavier, seeping into my old beloved boots and making my socks soggy. The tall grasses lie horizontal to the ground now, exposing clusters of pale-purple wild orchids.
Emily makes a fruit cocktail with juices and lemons, water and cherries. She spends 5 minutes struggling to get the last cherry from the bottom of the glass jug, finally spearing it with her orange straw with squeals of delight!
What is interesting? 
What makes one moment more worthy of words than another?

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