Scarlet and Green

While restringing my mum’s old classical guitar, I over stretched the fine E string and it snapped giving me a severe whip lashing across my hand, drawing blood, and leaving a nasty welt. Not the best introduction to my guitar endeavours – an initiation of sorts perhaps? But, it is strung now, and tuned and I have begun. It feels so foreign in my hands. I haven’t been such an absolute beginner at anything in a long time.
Saw a scarlet velvet mite scuttling across the stones in the garden. And a hawthorn shieldbug with his red and green markings just like an enamel shield. It crash landed on the washing line, then stayed very still for ages while I went to fetch a book to identify him.
Watched the bumblebees buzz and burrow deep into each tubular foxglove flower bud to collect the nectar.
Snipped fresh chives from the garden to sprinkle on steaming new potatoes.

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