Wandering the Byways

On Sunday we went for a long amble along a byway that curves around the edge of our village. Jay rode his bike – while Emily and I tried to keep up with him.

You can see the swathes of meadow grasses along the common. After the recent rains everything is lush and overgrowing in all directions. The air was heavy with the fragrance of elderflower and honeysuckle.
We had fun squelching through the mud in places and dodging the puddles. We explored the thickets and spotted a rabbit disappearing beneath the dog roses. There was a cool quiet atmosphere here. Now and then a break in the hedgerow revealed pale cornfields stretching away for miles, cows grazing and rolling hills far far in the distance.

There were a couple of sweet thatched cottages on our way – both empty – but looking like they are being renovated.

Jay was getting a little fed up with having to wait for us dawdling slow coaches. But we did have a great time and were all exhausted by the time we got home.

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