A Tradition of Knitting

I have a confession: I love to knit. I do not know at what age I learnt, but it was very young. I can remember knitting square blankets and scarves for my snoopy bean puppy and other toys as a child. 
I come from a family of knitters… my grandmother, Anne was her name, used to knit with a needle tucked tight underneath her arm. She worked like lightning and with the bare minimum of movement. The full set of needles I use that I inherited from her when she died remind of her – and I especially remember her hugs – being enveloped in the warmth of her hand-knitted cardigans.
My mum is a knitter too. She kitted my cindy dolls out with a wonderful array of designs… woollen swimming costumes, knitted ballroom dresses and legwarmers, and would tuck me up in bed underneath her knitted patchwork blankets. She belongs to a knitting club now, where they meet each week and knit for charity.
I have knitted many things over the years, including delicate patterned baby shawls for my children when I was pregnant, but my favourite things to knit are those that are not so complicated. I like ‘boring’, or rather, ‘simple’ repeated designs and dislike fussing over seams, cables and intricate detailing. 
The rhythm of knitting is what attracts me, the doing of something without thinking too much, it becomes almost a meditation. My favourite things to knit are scarves, shawls, blankets and cushions. 
This wrap is my latest creation, adapted from an old scarf pattern. It’s quite large and lovely and warm.

The wool is important too. The subtle colours of hand-dyed, and the feel of pure natural fibres make the whole experience of knitting an enjoyable sensuous experience.
These are the Manx Loaghton rams we pass every day, they have just been shorn as you can see (poor things in this stormy weather). I am going to look into buying some of their wool, though I’m sure I can’t afford it. Look at the gorgeous chocolate brown colour, I bet it makes beautiful wool.

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