Here comes the rain again…

Sorrel in Watercolour

So, having just sat and eaten an entire bar of (delicious) galaxy chocolate and consequently feeling quite sick, and most of all furious with myself for my weakness and my inability to do practically anything that I say I am going to do!

Now I feel all sugar muddle-headed and anxious.


What can I do to get myself back on track and feeling at least a little bit in control of my life? I need to clear my head. I spend a few minutes tidying, straightening books, returning things to their homes, filing papers. Creating a sense of order if not in my mind, at least somewhere nearby. Then I decide to get a little fresh air – and sit outside. Bear in mind, if you would, that it is 9.35 at night and absolutely bucketing it down with rain!

I huddle in the garden, sitting undercover – wrapped up in my winter shawl and watching as the rain pours in a waterfall from all the edges of the parasol. The skies above are ashen. Darker grey clouds speed east to west, but down here there is little wind, just enough to blow an occasional fine mist onto my face. The water butt is overflowing, streaming down the sides and creating something of a flood not far from my feet. Every now and again the rain gets heavier and louder, pounding the ground, and I can’t help laughing at the silliness of sitting out there in it… on this most unsummer-like (but typically British) evening.

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