Carrying on Regardless…

A break in the rain and the gales, brought with it a breath, a pause.

Small things… grinding pine-nuts with olive oil; picking the tender new leaves of basil from the window sill, the fragrance as I chop them up to make pesto; fresh linguine on a rolling boil then lifted steaming from the pan; grating carrot and chopping cabbage and onion (tearfully) for coleslaw; squeezing half a lemon – feeling each juice bubble bursting under pressure, the sharp clean tang of it on my fingers; collecting sand blocks to make glass windows on minecraft; looking up how glass is made here and here; reading a paragraph each at a time of Little Red Riding Hood, and laughing at the sly mean voices we made for the wolf; making rainbow soap in the shape of hearts, flowers and fairies with Emily: ‘can we make more tomorrow?’; cutting sage green linen rather haphazardly into squares to make cushion covers; sewing hems and more hems; helping Jay use the sewing machine, him wanting to press the pedal down hard and make it go as fast as possible (if only it were a car!), now he wants to make things for his bedroom…

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