Wind, Rain and an Unexpected Visitor

 Grasses in the Wind Acrylic Painting

Yes, well I have been buffeted about by the wind somewhat today… metaphorically speaking. In fact, I was going to post about a tiny yellow fly, smaller than a sesame seed, which I noticed this morning on the wooden sill of the bathroom window. It was upside down, as though stuck, and very dead. Its legs, finer than baby hair, splayed out in all directions, crooked and awkward looking. Not a very elegant way to die. Well, the image of this fly just about sums up my entire day. Pretty bad. But, I am determined not to dwell on it any longer…

Let’s talk about the garden instead… Wonderfully, it has been raining for days. The ground and plants were so parched before, my poor efforts with a watering can were having no effect at all. Now, they have been well and truly drenched, and all looking a lot healthier for it (except for the fennel perhaps, which is bowed right over with the weight of the water). The green beans are shooting up their canes, blackcurrant plants, lettuce, radishes, beetroot, potatoes, chard, all look good. And as for the foxglove that’s now coming into flower, I don’t think there could be a better specimen… yes, I am very proud (not that I had anything to do with it at all). Its trumpets look positively radiant, with their magenta satiny sheen, and it’s clear that the bumble bees agree.

A strange thing happened yesterday morning as I was sat on my bed reading. The window was open, and all of a sudden a baby great-tit, mistakenly flew in the window and landed on the end of the bed!!
What do you do? I froze. I didn’t want to frighten it into a panic, so I stayed very still – hoping it would just fly back out again. When it didn’t move for some time, I crept out the room to get Jay to come and see, we peeked back around the door, and the bird promptly let out a few chirrups and flew straight back out the window again! What a relief. We’ve since been watching the bird with its brothers and sisters learning to fly in the back garden. The parents fetch nuts from the feeders then feed them to their young… while the little ones are frantically trying to balance on the washing line or the branches of the cherry tree… they are not very stable, and very funny to watch.

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