The light is fading, the garden colour deepening into shadow. Above the sky is still blue with the half moon, majestic and cold, shining directly in front of me. The longer I stare at it, hypnotised, the more it appears to be moving ever so slightly – hovering – a bright white balloon invisibly tethered.

I love this evening dusky time when the light is dulled, I find it soothing after a full lived day. To listen to the birds gently sing themselves to sleep as the bats emerge from their hideouts… one darts by every 30 seconds or so. They’ve been nesting in a neighbours loft for years now and fly in great circles around the houses, it’s fascinating to watch them… the way they fly so fast and change direction so quickly, barely avoiding obstacles. When the bats come out, the moths begin to stir. Camouflaged against tree bark and beneath the eaves of the shed in the daylight hours, but as soon as the sun has set to a certain point, there is the fluttering of paper wings. Not the tiny butterfly-like moths, I hardly hear them, but the huge hairy ones, that have me hastening indoors to close all the windows super quick!

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