Columbine Acrylic Painting

Spotted sorrel on the common, plantain and ribwort too, alongside the cowslips which are coming to an end.

The columbine or aquilegia are flowering in the garden now. Tall plants with low leaves and long stems that grow high above the surrounding plants and display flouncy flowers in various shades of pink and violet, like dainty dresses. The bumble bees love them.

Another welcome arrival to our garden was the foxglove, which appeared as if by magic, just two years ago. A passing bird must have dropped a seed, and now I have new young foxglove plants all over the garden. It only flowers every two years so it was a no show last year, but now I don’t think it’ll be long until those glorious magenta spires are on show once again.

With this warm weather we’re having right now our time in the garden has trebled! Yesterday we played badminton, today piggy in the middle. A question from Jay “What is underneath the lawn… below the soil?”. House foundations? Clay? Stone? Not sure, but it got me wondering how deep the soil is and I found an interesting website and experiment to do with the children for the future here. Then there was a game of hide and seek along with some sibling squabbles and flicking of dirty bird bath water at each other. For me, some needlework and a cup of peppermint tea – heaven.

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