What a Beautiful Day!

A most glorious day. A blue sky, sun-shiney, don’t want to go inside at all kind of day. The kind of day that makes you smile just because. You know?

So, I watered the wilting basil, trimmed the lawn, listened to baby greenfinches, practising their flap flap flapping of wings but not yet ready to leave the nest (which is in the hedge alongside our garden), and counted two emerging potato plants.

Spotted a ladybird soaking up the rays, she was perched right in the middle of a powder blue forget-me-not, as if she was the centre of the flower herself. While below her, a beetle was struggling for his life having fallen into the bird bath. His shiny scarlet wings catching the light now and then made him look almost metallic. He scrabbled his legs frantically clinging to a piece of dead grass until I lifted him out with a leaf and deposited him onto a nearby rock. He immediately scuttled out of sight beneath the feverfew.

Also, I made a hedgehog birthday cake for Emily, covered in chocolate icing, red smarties for eyes and I cut slivers of white chocolate buttons for its prickly spines.

Not a bad day at all… proving that even when I am feeling quite not well, a good day can be had all the same. (Something I need to remember when I struggle to get out of bed some mornings.)

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