Dandelions, Butterflies and Black Marshmallows

Watercolour Orange tip Butterfly Painting

A weekend of sunshine makes all the difference.

Time spent together in the garden, weeding those pesky dandelions, everyday more appear. I have filled an entire bucket with them and more. Watching the robins speed to and fro feeding their young all day long… yes, we have baby birds in our shed! – it is all very exciting. They are so tiny we can barely hear their squeaking, but now and again we see a yellow beak urging up out of the nest. The parents don’t seem at all bothered by our presence, not even when we lit coals in the evening and grilled burgers and salmon, they just continued back and forth fetching worms and passing very close to us… it really is an honour to be so close to this.

Later we toasted marshmallows on skewers over the hot coals, laughing at Jay who seemed absolutely determined to get the award for best toasting technique but failed terribly by managing to either set fire to his marshmallow or drop it in the hot ash. You should have seen some of the charred monstrosities he created, hilarious, we had just as much fun toasting as eating.

We spotted this orange tip butterfly, which I’ve not seen in the garden before and a teeny tiny hairy caterpillar – no bigger than a hyphen attempting to crawl up the parasol – I have no idea why.

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