White Dead-Nettle

White Dead-Nettle and Bluebells Acrylic Painting

Just a few weeks ago we discovered that these pretty little white flowered dead-nettles don’t sting at all. Unlike their neighbours the common nettle, amongst which you will usually find them growing. Clever disguise eh? Grows prolifically here in England on waste ground and roadsides and is usually ignored. 
This plant is also called Archangel (perhaps because the flowers resemble angels or because of its non-stinging virtue), Blind-nettle, Deaf-nettle, Dumb-nettle and Bee-nettle. The flowers are hooded and arranged in rings around the stalk. Each flower has a lip that contains a single drop of nectar which apparently can be sucked out – though I haven’t tried this myself… of course the bees love it.

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